Rainbow 12-Layer Jello

This is very time consuming, however it is not hard at all!  I like to do it on days I know I'll be around home in between other chores.  It's very much worth the time spent - so yummy and pretty!  You can certainly use whatever Jello flavors you want to get your own design (ie; red and green for Christmas, blue and red for July 4th, etc).  This definitely delights kids and adults!


Rainbow 12-Layer Jello

6 - 3oz Jello Packages
2 Cups Sour Cream
6 Cups Water

Add 1 cup boiling water to 1 package.  Stir until dissolved - divide in half. 
Add 1/3 cup sour cream to one half and stir until smooth. 
Pour into 9"x13" pan (I like to use my glass Pyrex pan).
Chill 25 minutes. 
Add 2 Tbsp cold water to remaining Jello and pour over first layer. 
Let set 15 minutes. 
Repeats steps for each additional flavor. 
When completely cooled and firmed, slice into squares and serve!


  1. glad i ran across your blog. love the simple things. i will bookmark you.

  2. making me drool Molly :) I could eat some of this right now! ;)

  3. So glad I found this! Way better than sweetened condensed milk and gelatin!