Hard-Boiled Eggs

With Easter only a day away and many of you probably prepping to dye a bunch of eggs - I thought I'd share my steps to achieve the "perfect" boiled egg.  Awhile back I discovered this method in my searches to stop demolishing eggs when I tried to peel them.

In a sauce-pan, cover the eggs with cold water - just to the very top of the eggs.  Cook on high until they reach a medium-rapid boil - immediately set your timer at 9 minutes and turn the burner down to medium/high.  When the timer goes off, immediately remove eggs from heat and run cold water over them.  While running cold water over them, you can rock the pot back and forth, letting the eggs hit the sides, to loosen the egg from the shell (I skipped this step for my eggs I was going to dye to keep from cracking the shells).  Leave the eggs in cool pan, covered in water on counter for a hour or so.  Drain water and peel.

Pretty aren't they?!  Enjoy!

Tip:  use "old" eggs (usually around a week-old), as they seem to peel better.

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